After an idea that made sense, you want to start a business. You unpinned each other and now we're going to do it together. We consulted on the possibilities of moving your business forward, launching it, passing it on to followers or selling it well. And it makes sense to go at it together. Consultations are the beginning. We sensed and the chemistry is working for us. Now we are no longer consulting, but we will work together to achieve the set goals as one team. 
Pinkubační program - úvodní obrázek

The condition for participation in the program is completion of the PINKni se program 

Our cooperation will primarily look like this: 

We will go with you to a business meeting 

We will open the door to potential customers 

We will help with marketing 

We optimize the operation of an information system such as CRM, project management, work reports 

We will provide basic back office support (virtual assistance, market analysis, etc.) 

We will help with team building, HR, recruitment, company culture, 

We will teach you how to deal with investors 

We will connect you with investors 


2.780,- CZK

per month
(50 040,- CZK / per 18 months, 45 000,- CZK when paying in advance)

  • 10 hours of the P-PINK team per month + 2.5 hours of consultations with external specialists (your choice: lawyer, accountant, marketer, etc.)
  • Advantages in the price of using other services (coworking, use of meeting rooms, etc.)
  • During the program (it depends on the preferences of the project, but no later than the third month of the program), P-PINK will receive 2.5 - 5 % ownership share in the supported project.
  • The duration of the program is 18 months
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